The Andersons of Candacraig
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The Scottish Highland estate of Candacraig at Strathdon in Upper Donside, Aberdeenshire, along the River Don and not far from Balmoral, was home to ten generations of our family's Anderson ancestors from the 1500's through the mid-1800's. The 9th Laird of Candacraig, Alexander Anderson (1752-1817), was my great grandfather William Davie Anderson's great grandfather. Alexander's daughter, Jean Anderson (sister to the 10th and 11th lairds John Anderson and RobertAnderson), married her half cousin Alexander Anderson (both were grandchildren of the 8th Laird of Candacraig, Charles Anderson), with whom she and six of their eleven children emigrated to Canada in 1833. Their son, Alexander Anderson (1805-1869), the 12th Laird of Candacraig, sold the estate to Sir Charles Forbes in 1866. His younger brother, Adam Gordon Anderson (1819-1894), was my great great grandfather.

I dedicate these pages to the loving memory of my mother, Marcia Jeanne (Anderson) Thomson, whose feisty Scottish spirit and spunk was molded by generations of her forebears, and hopefully passed on in some measure to her children.

Don Thomson
October, 2001
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